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My Week February 21, 2009

Filed under: Shut Your Mouth! — dulcedementia @ 12:02 am

This has been a fairly chaotic week for me. A lot of things went wrong that could have gone wrong. Some things were my fault directly, some things were not my fault, but directly impacted my work. To sum it up, I’ve had an incredibly stressful week. To demonstrate, here is a picture of my normal caffeine intake each day:



Here’s what a busy day looks like:



And this is what the last two days have looked like each day:



Also not shown in that photo is the bag of licorice and the McDonald’s I ended up eating as well.

Ugh. I just need to eat a salad. For the next 4 weeks.

Yes, Sport, I’m considering going veggie for a while again.


One Response to “My Week”

  1. if you help Adrenna and I move on Saturday, I’ll make you a delicious veggie dinner and post recipes! Enticed?

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