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Holy Shit, This is the Stuff of My Nightmares March 2, 2009

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One of my many sites that I go to over the course of the day is If you’ve never been, I suggest you give it a try. It’s like digg or stubleupon but apparently nerdier or something. There are a lot of Star Wars jokes and a lot of business related things as well.Anyway, I was trolling around on reddit and I see this caption:


“Creepy Hairy Moth”


Now, if you know me at all, chances are you have been privy to the information that I am petrified of moths, butterflies, grasshoppers and crickets. I’ve only narrowly avoided car accidents because I was freaking out about a moth in my car. If there is a moth or cricket in my house, I will freeze and try and point it out to Zed so he’ll kill it and until he does, I sit frozen holding my breath, plugging my nose and covering my ears so that the insect doesn’t try and fly inside of me via one of these orifices.


Oddly enough, the only insect that’s ever flown in my mouth was a fly and I’m not scared of them.


The reason I am so scared of them is their erratic flight/hopping patterns. I particularly loathe moths even more because they are the ugliest goddamned creates on this earth.


The fear probably stems from an incident I had in early high school where I was riding my bike over to my friend’s house in Boulder and went down a path in a field. All of a sudden, swarms of grasshoppers or crickets started flying up at me from off the path. I couldn’t predict where they were going to come from next and they were hopping so quickly. I just remember pedaling as fast as I could and screaming the whole time.


Moths and butterflies have similar movements to grasshoppers, only in the air instead of on the ground. This is worse, since it’s closer to my face.


Anyway, back to the link on reddit. Yeah. I clicked on it because I’m a masochist.


And behold the stuff of my fucking nightmares.

Guh. That is so wrong. Nature should not have let that happen.


7 Responses to “Holy Shit, This is the Stuff of My Nightmares”

  1. Jason Says:

    What? That’s way too big to fit in your ear! The bigger the better, right?

  2. kwistin Says:

    i am too, afraid of moths. everyone always laughs at me. im glad we have SOMETHING in common now

  3. Brad Example Says:

    See, I think that’s a cool-looking moth. But I’m the guy who always rescues spiders in the house, and in general likes creepy-crawly things.

    Except earwigs.

  4. Alison Says:

    I am right with you. I’m terrified of crickets, grasshoppers, moths, and by association butterflies. That’s right. I am afraid of butterflies.

    I think it’s the idea of the crunching sound they’d make if you squashed them coupled with the erratic movement and the hair. Truly terrifying.

  5. Supe Says:

    True story: I was 15 years old, and a moth got into our house. So my mom told me to get the broom and shoo it out. I grabbed the broom and tried to swat at this moth flying around in the air. Apparently, as I swung the broom, I took a deep breath through my mouth and… yep, in flew the moth. I’ve been deathly afraid of moths ever since.

    Crickets, too, though there have been no unfortunate incidents. But crickets are the only reason I’ve never owned a non-aquatic frog. I can’t stand the idea of purposely bringing those filthy, noisy little shits into my home. Because they never stay in that cage. They always get out. Too bad, too, because frogs are awesome.

  6. cherylsafina Says:

    OMG!!! That picture is terrifying. I came across a picture of a Pink fuzzy moth!! I blogged about it because I had to. Ughh I want to kill all moths and butterflies!! with a big bottle of SUPER DUPER RAID!!

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