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The Promise I Make to Myself Every Week that I Never Keep March 4, 2009

Filed under: No Common Sense — dulcedementia @ 9:55 pm

Every week, once a week, I go out with friends and there is booze involved. Every week, once a week, I drink too much. Every week, once a week, I swear I am never, ever going to go out drinking in the middle of the week again.


Last night was one of those nights I swore I would never have last week.


I started out by meeting a few Yelp friends for Happy Hour drinks (2 for 1 domestics)at Charlie Brown’s. One friend said they were going to play trivia afterwards and after I got home and walked Zed, I decided I wanted to go play a couple rounds of trivia, so I went down to the bar where they were playing and had a couple more drinks there.


Then, I had to leave to go do a roller derby event: Karaoke Gong Show at Benders. I was singing, so, naturally, I had a few more drinks. I had an absolute blast singing and dancing and yelling and whistling and…smoking. Yup, I got to that point.


But now, the day after, I am exhausted, achy, and nauseous. And swearing I will never do that on a week night again.


I think I have plans for next Monday.


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