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WWKD? March 10, 2009

Filed under: Blush Face — dulcedementia @ 11:16 pm

I had a moment this morning where I didn’t know whether to laugh, to slap myself for even thinking of laughing, to feel awful, to feel angry or to offer help.


I was pulled up to the light on 9th and Colorado, waiting to turn left onto Colorado, when man in a wheelchair was pulling up on the sidewalk just to my right. Unfortunately, he hit the curb wrong and his wheelchair toppled over, causing him to fall out of his chair and onto the sidewalk.


This happened as I was pulling up to the red light.


I did not know what to do. Should I get out of the car and help hi back into his chair? He was already starting to get back into his chair. I mean, it looked like he only needed the chair for one leg. He was standing. Would he just be embarrassed if I went over to help? Would he get mad at me? Why wasn’t anyone else getting out of their cars to help? Why weer we all just staring at him?


He finally got all situated in his chair and rolled away.


But now I find myself laughing about the whole thing. I mean, I guess the only thing that makes it sort of wrong to laugh is because the guy was in a wheelchair. I mean, my ass would have been howling if it was some lazy ass on a 3-wheeled electric scooter that had slowly toppled over like a slow motion replay of a high rise being demo-ed. But because the guy was in an honest to God wheelchair, I feel kind of bad for laughing.


Doesn’t mean I’m not still laughing though.


2 Responses to “WWKD?”

  1. Jason Says:

    Wait. wait. So you’re laughing at people falling out of wheelchairs now? What’s the matter, are you all out of videos of people punching babies?

    • dulcedementia Says:

      Well, some folks came to my door the other day asking for money for the foundation to stop hitting babies on the head with hammers and I gave them a small donation. Ever since then, watching the baby punching videos hasn’t been the same.

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