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The Gears in my Head Are Moving March 13, 2009

Filed under: Ooooh, Shiny, Pretty — dulcedementia @ 11:40 pm

I think I may have had a genius idea.


This idea was the result of a conversation I had with a friend about a month or so ago.


It was right before the issue of 5280 came out featuring the top ten hottest single people in Denver. I was talking with a friend and we were complaining about the fact that it would be all these rich and/or successful people. Then we started joking about how 5280 should do an article about the 10 hottest poor people in Denver.


I’ve been thinking about it even more recently and I think it would be absolutely hysterical to do a satirical article about the ten hottest transients in Denver for 2009.


Think about it, how funny would it be to see an article and the spreads for each candidate show them in their “natural” surroundings. So, one would be in front of a dumpster and the woman (sorry, Sport, I’m picturing you even though you’re not single anymore)is wearing filthy rags that have newspaper stuffed inside them to add insulation. Another could be passed out with an empty bottle of Mad Dog 2020 in an alley on Colfax.


Each profile would count the numerous ways each hobo has earned their place on the on top ten list. For Example, Julia “Candy Mouth” Barringer is known as such because of the sweet aroma of decay emanating from her meth mouth. She also has the uncanny ability to find sterile syringes in any part of Denver.


It’s a rough idea, but man, if I could find a photographer and 9 other single people who were game, this would be the most fun little side project to work on in the spare moments of time that I have in a day.


So… You know, if you possess the traits of being single, living in Denver, having a good camera and knowing how to use it and people always mistake you for being homeless, maybe we can work something out.


 Also, I guess since it is satire, you don’t really have to be single.


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