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Pee Pee March 18, 2009

Filed under: Ooooh, Shiny, Pretty — dulcedementia @ 10:38 pm

Last night, did you go see a line up of four bands that included the band called “Pee Pee Band”?
Well. I did.
Did you know that the Pee Pee Band has a lead singer, guitar/keyboard player, 2 drummers, a cellist, a double bassist, a flautist, a sax player, a saw (yes, like the tool) player and a guy who shakes various noisemakers?
Well. I did. I saw them all on stage last night.
Last night, did you see the Pee Pee Band start the set out really great and then descend into utter chaos for 10 minutes while each member just kind of improvised?
Well. I did.
Then after 10 minutes, did you witness the Pee Pee Band play a song call the “Pee Pee Song” with lyrics such as, “This is a Pee Pee Song” and “This is the Pee Pee way” and laugh hysterically through the whole song?
Well. I did.
Did you then see the Pee Pee Band rally and play the most raucous, musically innovative and sometimes even touching set of music you’ve heard played live in a while?
Well. I did.
Were you in the crowd as the lead singer from the Pee Pee Band threw his entire acoustic guitar into an unsuspecting crowd of mingling hipsters?
Well. I was.
Will you soon forget this show?
Well. I won’t.
Pee Pee Band.
I just had to say it one more time.


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