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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose March 23, 2009

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I did both this weekend.


With all my off time from roller derby, one somewhat unhealthy side effect has come to the front. I have no competitive outlet anymore, so now, everything has become a competition. And it’s even worse when I’m actually in a competition. I am a poor loser and an even worse winner.


Saturday, I participated in the Denver Roller Dolls’ Season Opener Scavenger Hunt. First off, this was a brilliant idea and I had a blast playing. I teamed up with Fonda Payne and her man and off we went. They brought long boards and I had my bike, so the process was swift. We started at the Red Room, hit up the mile markers at the capitol building, went back to the Cheeky Monk, then off to JR’s, Hamburger Mary’s, The Tavern Uptown and then a 7-11, with various other pit stops along the way.


The night’s highlights included me having Fonda get on my shoulders so I could boost her up high enough to kiss a cardboard cut out of Marilyn Monroe, me washing the windows of a stranger’s car and Fonda swapping shirts with a total stranger at the mile high marker.


All in all, we ended up with 326 points, soundly winning the scavenger hunt, which resulted in a barrage of shots and victory beers. I’m quite glad I rode my bike that night.


Sunday night, I headed off to Jonesy’s to play some trivia with my newly formed team, Swaggercocks. Last week, we started off strong, but then sort of fizzled near the end. This week, we were determined to win it all.


Well. We totally didn’t. In fact, we came in last place by a large margin. That was even with the quiz master cheating for us and jokering a different round. It was a painful loss as shown here.


 God, look how depressed we are. Makes you want to buy us a drink, doesn’t it? Well? Doesn’t it?


But, on the plus side, the Quizmaster at Jonesy’s seems quite taken with us; since we are the loudest, jokiest, most talk backiest team there and so he’s still rooting for us.


Next week. Next week, we’ll take it all.


One Response to “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose”

  1. Dr Paul Says:

    I feel your PAIN!

    You’re right about that quizmaster – I served as a quizmaster for12 years in Glasgow, Scotland and ALWAYS preferred rowdy bad-assed teams who climb on each other and ride bikes drunk.

    Keep up the good work!

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