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Crossroads: Getting a New Phone March 25, 2009

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My phone is dying. I don’t know how much more time I have left. I just know it’s got some horrible death throes going on. I get SIM card errors daily and when I tried to sync my phone on my computer last night, it threw an error saying it could not connect to my blackberry. That is the scariest goddamned thing in the world since I lost everything when my first Pearl gimped out on me.


I went to the AT&T store today to confirm this and the guy with the slicked back hair and fast talking attitude said that it was indeed, nearing the end of its life. I was perusing the wares while waiting to talk to someone and found myself pushing buttons on the touch screen models.


Of course, when the guy at the counter found out I was up for contract renewal, he turned on the charm (Seriously, does anyone feel like buying a phone from one of those guys is worse than the worst decision you’ve ever made after a full night of drinking?) and started talking up the iPhone.


Even though I may act all tough at times, I am still a girl and I get giggly at cute bubbly things (did you know if you plug the iPhone into something bad, all the little icons shake around? CUTE!) and I was drawn in by the idea of all the different apps. Plus, I have a Mac at home and it would be pretty easy to sync the two. Much easier than it is currently.


However. And this is a pretty big However, I am pretty convinced that the iPhone is a passing fad and soon all other phones will have the same capabilities (hell, some already do, but hold on to your knickers for that discussion). I really don’t want to be another douche nozzle with an iPhone just because Apple is a marketing genius (c’mon, you know they are, admit it).


The other thing is that I am fairly ambi-computerous (I totally just made that up). I like my Mac a lot even though it’s fairly old. It’s been incredibly reliable, easy to use and exceptionally durable. But, I work on PCs all day long, so I understand them well and never have many problems. I assume a large part of that is because I don’t download my porn on my PC. I get it on DVD for better picture quality. Plus, it never freezes halfway through a scene. Really? Is it a scene or more of an episode? I dunno. I digress. My point is, PCs and I get along just fine too. In fact, I have been playing around with the idea of getting a PC at home. We’ll see.


The fact that I don’t find PCs puzzling means I don’t think I would have a problem getting something that is designed to work more with PCs.


So, I’m toying with the idea of the Samsung Eternity, which has the 8GB storage and the 3G network just like the iPhone, plus the touch screen, but it’s not quite as douchey. I think I’ll need to go play with one before I get all gung ho about it since from what I can tell online, the apps aren’t all that impressive.


The other idea rumbling around in my head is to go the Blackberry route again. I really like my Pearl and I actually don’t have many complaints other than the fact that, after two years of ownership, I still cannot fucking figure out how to change the notifier for my text messages. Plus, I just noticed the other week that you can get Pandora on your Blackberry now and that is just about the greatest news I’ve heard since November 4, 2008. The problem is that besides the Pearl, all the other Blackberry models are insanely bulky, so I would just be sticking with the same thing. I dunno, after 2 years a gal just wants to try something new and different, you know? It’s not them, it’s me.


So now I have a few days to makes the decision and I wondered if anyone else had any input? Do you have a phone you love? Or hate?


Here are the attributes that I consider important for my next phone:


  • I’m staying with AT&T. I like them. I’m not going anywhere else, so it has to be an AT&T model.
  • Full data package: I want internet and email available on my phone.
  • Yeah. I want the calendar feature too, but I think they all have those by now.
  • QWERTY keyboard, be it keys or touch.
  • For now, it has to have some sort of software compatable with a Mac. Not saying forever. Just for now.


So, help me out and let me know what your thoughts are. Because Lord knows I am incapable of making these sorts of choices all by my lonesome. And I am easily swayed by cute shiny bubbly things.


One Response to “Crossroads: Getting a New Phone”

  1. Sport Says:

    Shut up and get an iPhone.

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