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I can’t Believe I Just Had to Send This Email May 15, 2009

Filed under: Shut Your Mouth! — dulcedementia @ 8:57 pm

I’m not kidding you, I just had to send this email out to my entire company. I feel like such a douche.



Subject: Where’s the Pork?


There were apparently 8 bags of pulled pork brought back from Hartco this morning and it is all gone. Not many people knew it was here and a lot of us were looking forward to getting to taste some of it or take some of it home. If you did not get any pork but would like some, please reply all. If you took a whole bag of pork, please contact one of the people interested in getting some pulled pork privately to split up the bag.


Thank you,


Kelly Tidd

Lead Merchandiser



That’s it. I really hope that’s the low point as far as emails I have to send at this company.


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