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OMG! I Inadvertantly Landed Myself in a Westword Competition May 26, 2009

Filed under: Shut Your Mouth! — dulcedementia @ 6:27 pm

Last Friday, Westword’s Twitter account had other folks on Twitter send them their best new slogan for the new anti-Meth Campaign. Looks like this:




The theme was “Meth will change that.”


Anyway, a couple of my pals on Twitter (including Stuart) joined in the reindeer games for the Westword contest, then I found out about it and picked it up too.


Well, lo and behold, Friday night, this message appears from Westword:


Vote for the best Fake Andt-Meth Ad Slogan, with entries from @voteforgrant, @dulcedementia, and @hookedonwinter.


There are some really great slogans in there, but this is really to get you to vote for MY slogans so that I can win the meth that they are promising. Also, I want to beat Stuart.


Yes. Everything is a competition with me. If you didn’t catch the link up above, here it is again:


Put your favorite Meth slogan (hint: one of the ones that starts with “dulcedementia”) in the comments section and let’s fix this contest.


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