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I Should Have Just Stayed in Bed January 19, 2010

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On Friday night, my beau and I went out to eat for dinner at the Cherry Cricket. We put our name on the waiting list, grabbed a drink and hung out in the bar area waiting for a table. As we were waiting, we realized that we were in my boss’s neighborhood, so I sent him a text to see if he and his lady friend would like to join us. They couldn’t make it for dinner, but we went over to their place for a few drinks after dinner.

Side Note: I really like being friends with my boss. It affords me no perks at work, but at least I can go and geek out with him every once in a while. What’s even better with getting along with your boss and his gal is when he gets along with your man. It makes for a nice evening when you can hang out as a couple with another couple. So nice.

Anyway, Mr. Man and I had a few beers with dinner and then we went to Argyll for another nightcap before meeting up with our friends. While there, I had an IPA. I had never heard about the brand before, so I thought I would give it a shot. Why? Why do I keep trying IPAs? They taste bad and they always ruin me the next day. Every time I have had an IPA beer, I have always wound up with a screaming hangover the following day, even when the amount drunk was fairly standard for a night out.

So, as can be assumed, I had a hangover migraine the next day. Four Excedrin couldn’t fix the damned thing. So I was very relieved to be going to my nice, quiet community service gig at the library for several hours.

I got there and began finishing the project I was working on in peace and quiet. Then I started to hear some banging. Not loud at first. Muffled, and then it started getting louder and louder until I looked out the window to see what was going on.

It was a drum line. Practicing in the street right next to the library. Practice lasted an hour.

Recipe for a record-breaking migraine.

I left the library with my head in my hands and no end in sight for the headache. I headed straight downtown since I was meeting friends for an early birthday dinner that evening.

It takes 3 buses to get from the library I work at to LoDo. The first two were uneventful. Of course, the 15 (the bus that runs up and down Colfax) was packed and I chose a seat across from a baby that wailed the. Entire. Ride. This was 15 minutes of non-stop screams occasionally accompanied by the child’s brother.

I jumped off the bus as soon as my stop came. My head was pulsating as I walked up the street to the 16th Street Mall. I soon noticed that they were doing construction work on the mall. How did I notice? They were running a JACKHAMMER. It was audible for four blocks.

Luckily, I hopped in the MallRide as it passed by and did not have to hear the noise for that long. I arrived at the restaurant soon after that.

Did I mention the restaurant was BD’s? Yeah, they serve Mongolian style BBQ. Prepared with giant metal rods banging against a giant metal griddle that is placed in the center of the crowded and noisy restaurant.

I escaped the drum line, crying baby and jackhammer, only to have to spend a dinner listening to the constant “CLANG CLANG CLANG!” of the rods and the incessant yelling of people at the table because that was the only way to be heard.

Needless to say, after dinner, there wasn’t much more of a night for me to have. I went home, walked the dog and tried to go out for drinks with the bf, his twin brother and a couple other friends, but I was just too exhausted. Lucky for me, they were too, so we called it an early night.

The highlight of my day was Taco Bell.

At 9 pm.


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  1. Fred Says:

    Mmmmm taco bell

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