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Final Thoughts Before Drifting Off February 24, 2010

Filed under: Ooooh, Shiny, Pretty — dulcedementia @ 9:11 am

Last night, the last thing I thought before falling asleep was, “Why were there no dishwashers on the U.S.S. Enterprise?”

No lie.

But then I started to think more about it and it is a sort of curious thing. Maybe Gene Roddenberry couldn’t be bothered with mundane details such as futuristic dishwashers. Maybe they had sterilizer guns. Maybe they just threw out every single dish they ever used and it got vaporized in a giant dish vaporizer.

But really, is there an episode of Star Trek:TNG that deals directly with dish cleaning?

Maybe in Deep Space Nine? Quark was always drying a fucking glass.

Why are there no bloody clean dishes on this ship?


One Response to “Final Thoughts Before Drifting Off”

  1. Mike Says:

    The replicators both provide requested food on a plate then remove the plate when the plate is returned to the replicator. Someone with a better memory than mine can quote you an episode.

    Anybody see a toilet in Star Trek?

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