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Suck it SXSW, Denver’s got WXWW March 12, 2010

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Every year, around this time, I have these friends that rent an RV or some cheap ass hotel rooms and road trip it down to Austin, TX. These are my super cool friends that are always on top of the latest awesome band that only about 43 people in the world really know about.

I wonder how many pairs of throwback velcro Nike high tops you can spot in this photo?

The reason they are headed to Austin is because it’s time for SXSW. For those of you that only crawl out from under your rock to read my blog, SXSW (or South by Southwest) is a music festival that consists predominantly of bands on the cusp of rockstardom. In essence, you rock it at SXSW, and don’t OD on cocaine, welcome to the limelight, my friend.

Anyway, I’ve never been. I always hear about it from friends and it sound like a hootenanny. Here’s the thing: I love music. Love it, love it, love it. However, I tend to spend my vacation money on other trips that are very important to me, so SXSW always takes a backseat.

Well, a very intrepid group of four tweeple, have decided that all of the poor unfortunate souls that either can’t afford to go to SXSW or can’t get time off work or just hate Austin (or Texas, take your pick) deserve to have just as good a time as their friends that have ditched them to spend a week in a city with a moderate climate (psshhh, pussies).

Kate Brown (@invinciblekate), Jim Halligan (@jim), Heatehr Thill (@hezness) and Michelle Simons (shellieshel) have developed a brilliant schedule of events over the coming week that should serve to satiate the hunger for a multimedia frenzy similar to that of SXSW. From midget strippers to Oscar nominated shorts, I really think this coming week is going to have something for everyone. Plus, most of the stuff starts at a time when all of us working people do not have to work.

I asked Michelle how the idea came up and she said Kate was sort of mulling around ideas to do for the weekend since quite a few of her friends had left for SXSW, and the idea of WXWW (West by Westwest, fools!) sort came about. It originally was just going to be a party, but then it evolved into a week-long thing. She imagines that’s probably the way SXSW first started: Just a bunch of friends sitting around, trying to think of what to do.

I, for one, think this is just a fantastic idea and looking at the roster of events, no one can ever say that nothing interesting goes on in this town.

So I hope you’ll join me at some of these events about town to support local Denver awesomeness. Let me know if you are interested in one in particular and maybe we can grab a drink there.

Check here for the full list of activities. Not crayons and yarn activities, fuckin beer and shenanigans activities.

There will be no “God’s Eyes” made this week as a result of WXWW.

Fucking God's Eyes.

Oh, and they’re giving out mother fucking SLAP BRACELETS!


One Response to “Suck it SXSW, Denver’s got WXWW”

  1. Love Denver. Love it, love it. But I also love godseyes…so, when you get around to the week celebrating those, be sure to include me. I’ll be there in my RV toting Schlitz.

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