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When Life Gives Me Car Crashes, I Make Collisionade July 28, 2010

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Best Kool-Aid flavor ever.

So, as some of you know, and some of you may not know, I got into a car accident Monday evening. Yes. I’m fine. Just a couple of bumps and bruises and a slightly sorer back. Yes, everyone else involved is ok as well. Everyone was just sort of shaken up, and rightfully so.

Well, I guess I should explain what happened.

I had just picked up an Occasional Car and was on my way to the grocery store for the big shopping trip of the week. I was heading down 17th Ave, when all of a sudden, some jackhole in Chevy Blazer blew through a red light going the wrong way down Downing, which is also a one way street at that intersection. Superb driving.

This all happened when the front of the Yaris I was driving was just about at the crosswalk. I slammed on the brakes, but there was really no way to stop in time, so I swerved as much as I could with the brakes slammed (must have been hard because my right upper arm muscles have been sore ever since), but I still hit the Blazer on the tail section of the truck.

The rest is a bit hazy, but what we think happened is the force of the hit forced the Blazer to spin and hit the Subaru Outback in the lane next to me. What I do know is that my car was spun 180 degrees and I was stopped by the electrical box right next to the stop light. Also. I think the sidewalk helped to stop the car too.

Here’s some super awesome photos:

So, here’s the kicker: the driver of the Blazer that caused the accident had no car insurance and no driver’s license. The only thing he had on him was a Honduran ID card.

Now, I don’t normally try to jump to conclusions but given that he did not have a US ID, he had a Honduran ID and he could barely write in English (it was basically phonetic spellings of things the way he said them: “Agrora” or “Estreep”), I have a feeling this driver was an illegal immigrant.

Because of this fact I find myself in a weird place mentally. I know some people have made disparaging remarks about illegal aliens in telling them about the accident, and they’re entitled to their opinions. However, I have had a pretty liberal stance on immigration and I have had firsthand experience with the lives of illegal immigrants, so I am generally a very sympathetic ear when it comes to dealing with INS and all that bullshit.

But now, I’m in this situation where, probably the only reason the driver wasn’t insured was because he is here illegally. He probably turned the wrong way down the street because, well, the signage at the intersection is not very clear and, for someone who speaks almost no English, it could have been even more confusing.

Plus, the man’s PREGNANT (like 7 months pregnant) wife was in the passenger seat and she adamantly refused treatment from the paramedics and going to the hospital. That just makes me furious that someone would risk the health and safety of their child because they were afraid of getting deported.

I’m stuck in this odd moral and emotional quandary right now. One the one hand, I want to be angry. I want to be angry that that guy was such a fucking idiot that he went the wrong way down a one-way street. I want to be angry that he totaled the car I was driving. I want to be REALLY angry that he had no insurance. And I want to punch him in the dick for not telling his wife to go to the hospital.

BUT. I have sent he fear that illegal immigrant live in. I have seen the lives they lead and the jobs they have to take (and gladly do just to support a family back home) because of their immigration status. I know what an arduous process getting a green card can be, and that’s just for the lucky few who qualify because we no longer take the tired and poor huddled masses.

So, would having a green card have prevented that guy from being a horrible driver? Probably not. But he more than likely would have had insurance and he certainly would have had a driver’s license. And his wife probably would have gone to the hospital.

So, I guess I have to be mad at the idiocy of the driver and not the situation of the human.

And that’s how you made collisionade, folks.

Not really, I just had to tie this back to the title of the post.


2 Responses to “When Life Gives Me Car Crashes, I Make Collisionade”

  1. Rick Ramos Says:

    Yeah, fuck that guy. He endangered your life, the lives of his passengers as well as his wife and unborn child. His immigrant status has nothing to do with it. If it were me, that guy would be S’ing my D all the way to ICE.

  2. Cassie Says:

    I see where you’re coming from… But what I’ve figured out and what has been reinforced in my mind by talking to my little sister about her experience in Africa is that being in an unfortunate situation does not make a person “good” or “bad.” At the root of it all, people are still people whether they’re millionaires or Honduran immigrants.

    This guy endangered a lot of people’s lives, as your other commenter said, and despite the fact that he obviously is in a pretty shitty lifespace right now, he had a choice: drive in a confusing city with no insurance and obviously very little understanding of traffic laws, or NOT. And unless that lady in the passenger seat was having contractions at 5 second intervals, I think it’s pretty clear what that choice SHOULD have been.

    All that said, I’m glad you’re OK and I’m sorry it’s another shitty vehicle-related incident for you to deal with. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out.

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