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Typetrigger: My New Favorite Internet Toy August 30, 2010

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As a writer, sometimes it’s hard for me to write creatively. I get bogged down in the mundane day-to-day shit and stop trying to create something lovely, sad or funny that has nothing to do with my life except that it comes from my mind.

Today, my pally, LeVar, from Straighten My Tie and Talk Thirty to Me introduced me to the coolest new site to help me out of this little pickle. It’s called Typetrigger and it’s just about the coolest thing I’ve seen done with social media and writing.

“Hey, Dulce, how does this shit work?”

Well, my friend, it’s best described in this excerpt from Typetrigger itself:

“Typetrigger is a lot like social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. From your Home page (the page you see when you log on) or your Profile page, you will have access to the Write Now area if you haven’t yet responded to the current trigger. After “Write Now:” you will see a trigger, or short phrase, which will be your starting point for writing. Say, for example the trigger is White Shoes. In the space below, you can write anything you like (about or inspired by White Shoes) in 300 words or less. Then you can tag your entry with up to three genre tags. So maybe you wrote a little memory about your grandmother’s fashion habits, and you tag your piece with the following: nonfiction, memoir, family. Your friend Macaroni, however, has been inspired to write a mystery piece about clowns, and tags his work: fiction, mystery, clowns. Hit publish! Your response will join the stream of entries, and you can read what other people, friends and strangers alike, have written. If you read something that really makes you pleased, hit the Like button.”


So to give you an idea, here’s my first submission. The trigger was “Years from Now.”

Years from now, I’ll look at the lines on my face. The creases around my eyes that came from squinting my eyes in the sunlight. The wrinkles that form two deep arrows on either side of my mouth from laughing in the company of friends. The furrows on my forehead that came from eyebrows raised in surprise. Years from now, I’ll look at the lines on my face and smile.

You should really sign up and start writing too!


4 Responses to “Typetrigger: My New Favorite Internet Toy”

  1. Mustache Says:

    Wow, Dulce, that is some great praise! Thanks for the review. We hope to continue to inspire you!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kelly Tidd, Type Here Enterprise. Type Here Enterprise said: "Typetrigger: My New Favorite Internet Toy" by @dulcedementia. *blushing* […]

  3. Anne Lessing Says:

    I use Typetrigger too, and it is amazing! I find the triggers helpful for haiku, but I like using them for fanfiction too. Great way to flex one’s writing muscles! Especially for someone like me, with the attention span of a hyperactive gnat… -_-

    I found the site through this post, so thanks for writing it! ^^

    • dulcedementia Says:

      I’m so glad to hear you are getting such a great benefit from typetrigger! That site sort of opened the flood gates that got me writing every single day again, and it feels great. I owe them a lot.

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