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Excuse Me, What’s the Shelf Life of These Light Bulbs? September 1, 2010

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That is what I imagine is the first sentence of the conversation between the Head of Maintenance at my apartment building and a salesclerk at Home Depot.

Maintenance Man: Excuse me, what’s the shelf life of these light bulbs? Or rather, how long will they last before they burn out?

Home Depot Guy: Well, sir that’s one of our longest lasting bulbs. You’re looking at a good three to four years of use per bulb.

Maintenance Man: Oh no, no, no, no. That just won’t do. Show me the bulbs that will burn out within a month or two of a new tenant moving into their apartment.

Home Depot Guy: Oh, those would be over there. (Points to stack of light bulbs on the floor near end cap that are constantly being kicked by customers) They’re 20,000 for $5.

Maintenance Man: Excellent, I’ll take 10.

This is the only way I can explain the fact that EVERY single light bulb in my apartment has burned out since I moved in two months ago.


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