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Prolific September 10, 2010

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That’s what my friend, Miss Sports Racer over at the Meanest Look, called me the other day when we were talking about how much I’ve been writing this week. I don’t know what happened, but I had a lot I wanted to write about and my fingers, they just wanted to write.

OMGWTF BUNNIES! My blogs are multiplying!

My mind wanted to explode out ideas into Word documents and I just sort of let it run wild. The result has been a lot of work here, a couple things on typetrigger and a few guest posts.

Today, I have a guest post over at Talk Thirty to Me about office politics that I’m pleased with. And earlier this week, Unseen Denver re-published my blog about Colfax. If you’ve already read the Colfax blog, I still highly recommend going to that site for some great Denver slice of life moments.

This rush of creativity is invigorating, but I know I won’t be able to post every day all the time. But I am going to try and keep this momentum going, because it’s really soothing my soul and nourishing my mind.


One Response to “Prolific”

  1. Trypnotik Says:

    Thanks for letting me publish your Colfax stories. They rock!

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