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Anticipation September 17, 2010

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World Domination, Bitches!

Tomorrow is the big day for so many new skaters in Denver Roller Dolls’ interleague teams. But tomorrow is the big day for me as well. Tomorrow will be the first time this entire season that I will be able to watch my former team (and teammates), the Green Barrettes, skate in a bout as a team.

I’m not entirely sure why, but this is making me extremely giddy.

I haven’t skated with the league in well over a year, almost two actually. A lot of the gals on the team probably don’t even know me and never once skated with me. Why then do I have such a connection to this team?

I think my connection with this team is that, for an entire year, I was deeply a part of it. I practiced with these women, held strategy sessions over team dinners and dropped a cool $100 on my uniform. We were a team, and even though we didn’t win every bout, we were always upbeat and fun loving.

Coach Joe wants YOU to cheer for the GBs!

And, of course, I’ve belonged to many other groups of friends and enjoyed being a part of all of these groups. But none of them have produced this sort of fevered excitement.

Maybe it’s because this was a group that I busted my ass to be a part of for two long years. And yes, I knew I wanted to be a Barrette when I joined DRD (Sorry, Apples. And Betties, you didn’t exist then.) and most of the gals I got to be good friends with in the league happened to be GBs. But something happened when I actually bouted with the team for the first time.

Being in the locker room, doing the pre bout routines with the other ladies. Putting on the layers of underwear (the functional pair), then tights, then other underwear or spanks (the cute pair that people see). Getting your number (#5150) written on your arm. Those quiet moments when the newest members of the team look like they’re about to throw up due to nerves. Then the loud moments when every girl is yelling words of support at one another. All these memories have an incredibly special place in my heart, and they always will.

I won’t lie. I miss it. I miss it a lot.

But I’m not really at a place where I can pick it back up again. So, I guess going and cheering for my old (and new) teammates is about as close as I can get to being part of that team again.

And I will be cheering for my girls as though I was parked on the bench, waiting for my turn in the pack.

Dominate tomorrow, ladies. Dominate!


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