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Learn Your Damned Lesson! September 24, 2010

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This Wednesday, I had my final meeting with my probation officer and I should officially be off probation next week. If you don’t know the story behind the probation, you should probably catch up.

I can’t tell you how I excited I’ll be to not have to pay $50 and make the trek all the way up to Boulder for a 10 minute meeting every month. More importantly, I’ll be glad to put that chapter of my life behind me.

Scary thing is, I had it easy. I didn’t lose my license (even though ol’ Priscilla broke down about a week after I got the ticket, and I’ve been carless ever since), I didn’t have monitored sobriety, and I didn’t have to take counseling. I just had to pay court fees, do some community service (which turned out to be pretty fun), take alcohol education classes and finish up a year of probation. Oh, and pay off my lawyer. He was worth it, but dayum, that was a hefty sum.

I bet these beers aren't $1,000 each.

All said and done, I paid $4000 for four, count them four, draft PBRs. That comes to 1,000 motherfucking dollars a beer. Who said PBR was cheap?

But, here’s the thing. I refuse to blame this on anyone else but me. I was supposed to be responsible that night, and I wasn’t. No one is to blame here but me and I take full responsibility for my actions.

But it seems that not everybody can.

I got so upset while sitting at outside my probation officers door yesterday when I heard a fellow probation sufferer go up to the receptionist’s desk, say he had an appointment with so and so, only to find out his appointment had been for the day before. Now, clerical errors happen. Who knows, maybe his probation officer really did confuse the days and dates of the meeting. However, this is what I heard:

“Great, this is the third appointment I’ve missed. Now I have to go to court because my probation officer is incompetent.”

Um. Excuse me? Did you just say THIRD appointment? Bro, I hate to break it to you, but you’re going to court because you can’t get your shit together enough to make it to THREE probation appointments. You missed two before this unfortunate clerical error. I’m going to assume those were not her fault as well.

I just get so pissed off when people blame others around them for mistakes they have made.

You know what, you screwed up. Admit it. Yes, the system isn’t perfect, and, yes, I am guilty of bending it to suit my whim from time to time. But if you get caught, fess up and make good on what the court orders.

When you disregard the punishments put in place, you really only hurt yourself by earning a harsher punishment in the end.

After going through a year of probation, I honestly cannot understand why someone would repeat offend. Especially with a DUI.

I mean, come on, how hard is it to plan ahead of time? If you’re going to be drinking, make sure you have a ride with someone else. If you don’t have a ride, make sure you have taxi or bus fare. If it’s really far away, see if you can crash with a friend.

And I hope everyone knows there is ALWAYS a really comfy couch at my place if you’ve had too much and shouldn’t drive home.

I might even let the dog seep in the bed with me so he leaves you alone.


2 Responses to “Learn Your Damned Lesson!”

  1. Charli Says:

    I would love to blame someone else for my fuck ups but I can’t… Also, I’ll totally take you up on your couch offer just so I can cuddle with your dog.

  2. 1lastdui Says:

    I have just started a blog on DUI school that you may be interested in. It provides information that helps you to make the class as painless as possible. I am still editing it but it is taking shape. I would appreciate it if you looked it over.

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