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Learning to Ask for Help September 27, 2010

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I had a conversation with some of my lady friends over the weekend about how we can never seem to ask for help when we need it, then this post over at Talk Thirty to Me popped up in Facebook this morning and I think they sort of coincide nicely with each other.
I am an independent woman. I am strong, loud, outgoing and like the fact that I don’t need to rely on anyone in order to live my life. I’ve been living this way for a while, despite having been in several relationships.
Both in these relationships and out of them, one of THE hardest things for me to do in my personal life has been to feel comfortable asking for help. Whether it is emotional, physical or financial, I feel like an utter failure when I have to look to someone other than myself for help.
Currently, I’m kind of in one of those pickles, but I cannot bring myself to “burden” anyone with the stress of my life. It seem like asking someone to share my stress or pain would be far too much for me to ask of any of my friends or family. Besides, I’m a strong woman, shouldn’t I be able to handle this myself?
For me admitting I need help means admitting I am weak. And I can’t be weak.
Can I?


3 Responses to “Learning to Ask for Help”

  1. Dana Says:

    Yours is the only blog I read.Thanks for the posts and link. Nice article to go with lunch today : )

  2. Kristin Says:

    I’ve struggled with the independentsyndrome,too, and, from my perspective (hindsight, of course), not accepting help has been more of an indication of my pride than of weakness. Everyone has moments and periods of weakness where they can’t be the expert no matter how smary they are.

    Case in point: my company works with unemployed exevutives. Many come into our office without a clue on how to find a job, yet in their arrogance, they think thet don’t need any help… Afterall, they have been successful at everything else, right? The ones that ate humble enough to recognize that they don’t have all the answers wind up far more successful in their searches.

    Anyhow… Interesting post. I think we’d all be pleasantly surprised if we’d reach out for help more often.

    • dulcedementia Says:

      This is a really great point and I’m so glad you brought it up. There is a lot of pride involved and it can really hurt it when you have to ask for help.

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