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What I Did on My Summer, but really Fall, Vacation October 26, 2010

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It’s my last day at this gorgeous rental house on the island of Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas and I just loaded about 34 towels covered in sand, makeup and calamine lotion into the washer. If towel volume was a “good times” metric, I would say that would be a fairly accurate measurement of the past week.

The view from my house's balcony. I know, I would be jealous of me too.

I came out here with a group of 16 people as part of a bridal party and I have to say that I don’t think I have ever had more fun in my life. Bonds of friendship were strengthened and new friends were made. Laughter was present at every meal and the times in between eating. Beer, wine and liquor made an appearance early in the day and hung out with us until fairly late at night. And besides a fuzzy head, I’ve only had one bad hangover. Actually, that alone made this a great vacation.

It’s, of course, impossible to go over the events of an entire week in one blog, but some highlights are as follows:

Golf cart races FTW with Megan, Dan and Thomas!

  • Swimming with a shark in about 10 feet of water (it was a nurse shark, but, hey, it was a motherfucking shark!).
  • Burying a friend up to his head in sand and crafting an anatomically correct body with the sand.
  • Drunkenly building a fort on the pull out bed using the couch cushions, then falling off the couch (and into the moat!) and crawling under the pullout bed and passing out underneath it.
  • Doing a Chinese fire drill from our rental golf cart on a dirt road on the way back from dinner in town.
  • Actually, the numerous golf cart races were pretty awesome.
  • Body surfing waves on a secluded, white-sanded beach. Ok. More like body crashing, but it was still fun.
  • Singing karaoke on a machine brought by the bride and groom exclusively for use at the rehearsal dinner and having 99 Red Balloons sung in German.
  • Dancing so hard at the wedding reception that my calves and tendons may never be the same.
  • Island hopping to a bar called “Nippers” and hanging out in the salt water pool while drinking beer and running around in the water acting like various predatory animals (T-Rex, Tiger and Godzirra) amd learning that you don’t have to be gay to ride a ferry and you don’t have to be a mule to e an ass.
  • Inventing new words such as “Bahawesome” “Mimocean” and “FRANK!” Well, the last one isn’t a new word per se, but it definitely has a new meaning.

The lovely bride and several of her maids at Nippers. Yes. It's really called Nippers.

So, yeah, all in all, I would classify this past week as one of the best in my life, and while all of these experiences were amazing, I would say what made them truly stupendous was the people I who allowed me to share these experiences with them.

Also, I would like to apologize to my liver. And congratulate it for working overtime for 10 days straight. You’re a trooper little guy and I promise I won’t force you to process a 12 pack of beer every night for a very, very long time.

Just. Just get me through Halloween, mkay?

I know, right!?

P.S. I actually wrote a couple, more specific posts while I was on vacation, so I’ll post those soon too!


4 Responses to “What I Did on My Summer, but really Fall, Vacation”

  1. enyabiznass Says:

    I am jealous. Very jealous. Somehow I don’t think three days in Chicago will quite compare…

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  3. Paul Roth Says:

    Not nearly enough incriminating photography here. Are you in the Nippers lineup? Geez, not even a picture of the pull-out bed fort!

    • dulcedementia Says:

      Yes, I’m in the Nippers lineup. Second from the top. And I never got a picture of the bed fort because they cleaned it up before I was sober enough to remember to take a photo.

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