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The Most Horrible Insect in the World October 29, 2010

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There is a bug that I now hate more than grasshoppers, moths and mosquitoes combined. It is too small to be seen, it is apparently impervious to most bug repellents and it strikes without warning in the evening and at night. I actually didn’t know what one looked like until I looked it up online because I never even saw one.

It is the sand fly.

This insect is a fucking cock and I hate it.

The sand fly is the most horrible insect in the world. Mostly due in part to the fact that the species completely ruined my legs and feet on this, the most leg-baringest holiday weekend of the year. Now I have to find flesh colored leggings or something else to hide my shame.

Seriously, I have gone through a TUBE of Cortaid in two days. These bites swell when you scratch them and when the swelling subsides, you are left with a nice red welt. Basically, it looks like I have the chicken pox on my legs and feet.

So this little bastard of an insect bides its time on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas just waiting for some tasty little white girl flesh to walk across its turf. Then it (or they) strikes. Now, some of the gals I traveled with showed the bites right away. I, however, had a lag period of about a week before I started showing signs that I had been eaten up by these foul, horrible creatures.

And so now, more than any other insect in the world, I hate/fear the fucking sand fly more than anything.

I may never look at a beach the same way again.


One Response to “The Most Horrible Insect in the World”

  1. T Says:

    Advice…go get checked out for Leishmania chagasi, infantum chagasi. I’m doing a paper on this disease in Microbiology this semester and it’s spread via the sand fly. It takes time for the symptons to show, but if you think the insect is nasty, the parasite that gets in your blood will kill you if you don’t get proper treatment.

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