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Dulce Rants: Politics November 3, 2010

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So, I rarely get political, but light of the House of Representatives becoming a Republican majority and the Dems still holding onto the Senate, I now have a pretty dismal view of what the next two years hold for our country and I’m going to rant (I voted yesterday, so I get to do that now).

Yes, I’m a fairly liberal Democrat. Yes. I want that awesome universal healthcare that THE REST OF THE FUCKING CIVILIZED WORLD HAS. Yes. I believe it’s my body and it’s my choice.

However, for the next two fucking years, I get to be a witness to abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING getting accomplished in this country because both sides are being fucking cocks about every single issue an refusing to compromise on anything. Guess what, republicans, just because you won in the House doesn’t mean shit can’t get vetoed up the wazoo. And Democrats, yeah. You’ve been dealing with it for the last two years, it’s only going to get worse.

I'm going to go ahead and aree with this message.

When in this country did we stop learning how to fucking compromise? I mean, most of us learned the value of compromise in our personal lives at a fairly young age if we weren’t spoiled brats.

I voted for Barack Obama mostly because I believed that he could do something that McCain (who I actually really respect, but the thought of having Palin that near the presidency was enough to prevent me from ever voting for him) couldn’t. I hoped he could be the president to unite the two parties and create real change. Instead he was met by a bunch of pouty ass republicans who just tossed aside anything he proposed. Not for lack of trying, because he tried hard he first year to compromise and to create a bipartisan congress.

But you know what? Both parties became more and more obsessed with getting it their way. They felt that they were entitled to having everything worked out exactly the way they wanted it. But you know what? In a big old country, NO ONE is going to get things exactly the way they want it.

At some point, this country stopped talking and started either whiny or fear mongering (believe me, the irony of me writing that in this whiny-ass blog is not lost on me). Neither of these things accomplishes anything.

Right now, I’m not proud of the country I live in. Don’t get me wrong; I am glad that I’m an American, because that means I have the freedom to say how disappointed I am with everyone up on Capitol Hill. However, I would also have the right to say that about my country if I lived in France, Great Britain, Germany (which, by the way, currently has the strongest economy in the world) or many of the other first world democracies around the globe.

I’m pissed at the pouty right for preventing any progress over the last two years and then blaming it on everyone else. I’m pissed at the left for having the majority and not having the balls to just get shit done.

I’m just pissed in general.

Who knows, maybe now that the Republicans don’t feel so outnumbered, they’ll be willing to work with the Democrats a little more. But I find that highly unlikely. I’m guessing the next two years will just be an endless series of pissing contests between the left and the right. And in the end, it will be the citizens of this country that will pay the price for their stubbornness.

Ugh, I just want to hibernate for the next two years to avoid all the name calling and other childish bullshit that’s about to happen.

Anyway, just remember, it took eight years to fuck the country up. It’s certainly going to take more than two to start to fix it.

God, I hate politics.


6 Responses to “Dulce Rants: Politics”

  1. I have no idea why anyone would vote Republican any more. Why are they even a credible option?

    • dulcedementia Says:

      I imagine Republicans as a sort of douchey version of the Monopoly guy for some reason. Which really doesn’t lend to their credibility in my mind.

  2. vestalvespa Says:

    “When in this country did we stop learning how to fucking compromise? I mean, most of us learned the value of compromise in our personal lives at a fairly young age if we weren’t spoiled brats.”

    I really don’t know, but I feel like this has been a key theme in politics in general of late. The Tea Party seems to cater to everyone’s most childish desires and immature fears: a squeamishness about sexuality and “different” people, an out-and-out pissy selfishness about taxation and public services. Tea Partiers act like spoiled children. But perhaps, that’s because that’s exactly what they are… Mostly Baby Boomers accustomed to getting whatever they want no matter what.

    My favorite sign from the Rally to Restore Sanity was one that said, “I don’t mind paying my taxes because I’m an adult, and that’s part of the deal.” I’m not sure when the entire nation decided to take a screaming 2-year old temper tantrum (I DON’T WAAAAAANNNA LET POOR BROWN PEOPLE HAVE HEALTH CARE!!!) approach to domestic issues. And what’s more, I’m not sure how we get the electorate to act like grown-ups again.

  3. vestalvespa Says:

    OH, also, this is the third time in a row that we’ve seen the House change parties. Third in a row. And nothing has happened. It will change hands again, most likely. But I think the lesson there is that the American voter doesn’t necessarily want a certain party in charge, they just want change. And since the issues that caused and perpetuate things like 10% unemployment are highly unlikely to be solved in the next two years, and the American public seems to have the collective memory of a retarded box turtle, they’ll be back to blaming the Republicans for all their problems in no time.

    • dulcedementia Says:

      Yeah, I just wish that the country as a whole could be just a liiiiiiiitle more patient. Things are starting to get a little better, but it’s baby steps.

  4. Paul Roth Says:

    The problem is that each side doesn’t just believe that the other side has a different, respectable, valid view. Even in the comments left here on your blog, your readers don’t just think Republicans or Tea Party voters are different — they think they are outright wrong with no room for getting along.

    Liberals don’t compromise with conservatives. Conservatives don’t compromise with liberals. Libertarians span a range from anarchistically crazy to actually kinda reasonable, but both liberals and conservatives think they’re all nuts. And other parties are just abuse victims at this point.

    It is a liberal point of view that saving the life and quality-of-life of any adult is worth paying any price. Not every liberal believes that, but it is one of the foundations of that group’s rallying cries. It is a conservative point of view that “our lives” are more valuable than “others’ lives”. Sometimes the conservative “we” is based on Christianity, sometimes citizenship, sometimes paying taxes. Not every conservative believes that, but again it’s a foundation for their rallying cries. I can guarantee that 90% of Americans who read this paragraph would absolutely side with one of those fundamental viewpoints and refuse to even consider that the other is anything but evil. I can guarantee it because I’ve seen the voting results.

    And that is just ONE differing point. There are hundreds, maybe thousands.

    I’ve thought about it emotionally, spiritually, and as logically as possible and I’ve come to this conclusion: we are all too prosperous and safe and healthy to compromise. It is easy for a liberal to hold fast to their ideas because they can do it and still live what they consider a decent life. The same is true for conservatives and every other viewpoint. No voter feels that putting their own beliefs over compromise will lead to their own imminent death or deprivation. Not a single one. There is no danger felt, thus there is no reasonable action taken.

    I sincerely believe the United States will not see true compromise until we are devastated from coast-to-coast by something that opposes every single one of us. When the point comes down to: we have to agree on something or TOMORROW WE DIE, then we’ll do it. Until then, we will each of us sit in our one-person ivory towers and just cast disgusted looks in every direction, because we can.

    I wish someone could show me evidence of any other possibility, but I haven’t seen it yet. Every single argument comes down to, “but sooner or later, they have to agree with us at least a little bit.” Not a single one ever includes, “we’ll get things started by giving in on this point.” Not a single one anywhere. By any politician. In any state. Show me a campaign that says, “we are willing to make concessions about THIS”. I don’t believe they’ve existed since the 70s/80s.

    I do hope I’m wrong, though.

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