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Denver Adventures November 16, 2010

So, my absence from this blog over the last has probably totally gone unnoticed since, you know, there are much better things you could all be doing with your time. However, I thought I would take a moment to explain my brief disappearance.

Last week was effing busy. Like it was one of those weeks that sneaks up behind you while you’re looking to the future, sticks a gun to your back and menacingly whispers, “You will not get more than four hours of sleep a night for 4 days in a row. Now MOVE!”

And the funny thing is, I’m not totally opposed to these sorts of weeks, especially if every day is different, which was the case last week. They can be treated as urban adventures in this little concrete jungle called Denver.

Two Sundays ago, I woke up, walked my dog and at 2 O’ Clock, I made my way over to my friend’s apartment ac couple blocks away from mine for some crafting and some Sangria. We were making Christmas cards and the poor lady that had come to demo her crafting/scrapbooking/stamping wares had no idea what she was in for. I was already two sangrias in before our hostess asked if we were ready to make some cards. I shouted, “I’m ready to craft my pants!” You know me. This is not shocking behavior.

Have a Cute Christmas! BITCHES!

I also made a card that says, “Have a Cute Christmas! BITCHES” The BITCHES is in red ink under the stamp. Had I known there would be glitter, I would have waited and used that. Regardless, I had a lovely time hanging with my lady friends and pity that poor Stampin’ Up woman. Then we were off to the Fainting Goat for some fried pickles and laughter for a couple hours.

Monday was hard. I left work, worked two hours at the yoga studio, walked my dog, went back and took a class at 8 and then ran home to shower and meet up with friends at Dazzle by 9:30. We were gathered to send our dear Austrian friend off in style before went back to his homeland. We watched, mesmerized as our waitress shook my extra dirty martini in a rhythmic dance. The shaker went up, down, around her head, and then placed against her hip, till she finally poured. Sexiest martini ever.

Twice in one week. I'm an animal.

We ended the night at Charlie Brown’s; where, oddly enough, I ended up on Tuesday night to meet up for a little din din and drinks with a friend. It turned into a 4 hour gabfest and the change in temperature from the inside of the bar to the freezing cold outside almost sent me into a coma, but I made it home to a big down comforter and a pup who was happy to snuggle with me for warmth.

Wednesday was the marathon. I triple booked myself on Wednesday. After work, I was off to The Garage for a work happy hour to celebrate/say goodbye to a friend I have worked with for the last few months. Luckily, we were friends before and still are friends, so I’ll get to see him around. And that makes me happy.

Then I was off to The Curtis Hotel to volunteer at the “Yelp Helps” event. I dutifully hung coats, handed out goodie bags and brought drinks to the volunteers at the various charity tables. Then I had a martini so strong that I took two sips and put it down. I mean, I know it was free, but man, a good martini takes a little finesse to make. I’m not interested in drinking the equivalent of 3 shots from a conical glass with a stem.

So le modern! I love the Curtis.

Luckily, my next appointment was with some lovely derby ladies just next door at the Corner Office. I sipped on a Blue Moon and we caught up on all of our lives. We also came up with the name for our email distro list: The Shitting and Fucking Group. We are such ladies.

I got a nice breather on Thursday and Friday and was able to watch the shit out of some Battlestar Gallactica before Saturday. I went with a new friend to my favorite coffee place in Denver: Novo Coffee at the Art Museum. Yum! Then we hoofed it down to my favorite brewery in Denver, Great Divide. The plan was to taste a whole bunch of different beers, but it was so packed we decided to get a pack to go. Then we were off to City O’ City for some (surprisingly) delish vegan food and wonderful conversation for a couple hours.

Tastiest Taps in Denver!

Later, I headed to Beauty Bar to meet up with my crafty lady friends for some ladies night/bachelorette-ish fun. From there, we made the several block trek to Gabor’s where we finished the night off using straws to make walrus tusks. Or mustaches. Or angry eyebrows. Straws can be so many things.

Essentially, I made Denver Proper my bitch last week.

This week, I have purposefully planned nothing. Because, while last week was so much fun and I felt so proud and warmed to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends, both new and old, my introverted ass can’t pull that off for more than a week without starting to get a little grumpy. Also, my liver needs a little down time and I would like to get around six hours of sleep a night this week.

What can I say? I love all of my friends so much, but this bitch needs her fucking solitude every once in a while.


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