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I Need A Back Rub November 29, 2010

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Seriously. It hurts a lot. It’s not to chiropractor levels, but it hurts. This image about sums up the sensation I have going on between my shoulder blades.

Yeah. So my upper back is filled with searing white hot pain and my lower back is like a constant throbbing baseline of aches. And I’m sitting int he office chair trying to pretend that it’s not affecting my day, when really it is.

So, really. I need a fucking back rub. I don’t want a sen-sue-all massage. I want someone to rub my back, get all of these stupid knots out and in return, maybe I’ll make you pancakes.

All I know is I can’t afford a massage therapist right now, but I need someone to just kneed my back for a good 30 minutes.

So, what do you say? I’ll trade you for, I dunno… what do I do well… I could write something for you. Or I could buy you a beer. I’m good at those things.

Also, if we agree to this deal, you have to promise not to tell anyone about the way I moan when I get a back rub, ok?


5 Responses to “I Need A Back Rub”

  1. Lady Crush Says:

    You should take the 60 min sports massage I bought on Groupon a while back. It’s for some clinic in Cherry Creek that’s only open during the week, 8-5. I’ll never find the time to go. Take it and save me the stress of having to sneak out of work in Boulder to drive all the way down to Cherry Creek and back for a damn massage.

    You can repay me in delicious waffles and booze.

  2. Christine Says:

    I give excellent massages. but I have strep throat. and I doubt you’d want this.

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