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Talk Nerdy to Me April 12, 2011

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Shut. The fuck. Up.

I know that was the most cliched title I could have ever written, but, well, I couldn’t think of anything better. Think of it like getting “Rio” stuck in your head and then trying to compose a lyrical/musical masterpiece.

You’re all, “I must compose something with depth that will span generations and make the cold hearted week with joy.”

And you’re brain is all, “And when she shines she really shows you all she can.
Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grande!”

Anyway, I digress.

Lately, my mind’s been getting blown like a non-threatening white male with a 2009 Ford Mustang who keeps buying lemon drops for the moderately attractive girl who is obviously on the rebound (read: a lot) by technology. Ladies and gentlemen, in the past few months, I’ve developed the creeping sensation that, in fact, the future is now and I couldn’t be more tickled about it.

Most of the amazing advances in tech are actually just new companies putting a new spin on old concepts, primarily, making them mobile through smart phones. I’ll put aside my beef with Apple for now and just go ahead and say that phone iPhone and Android phones have some truly amazing apps that are being created for them. So many so, that I can’t begin to even cover them all.

Mmmmmm, smartphones.

But I wanted to talk about a couple companies/apps/sites that have impressed me thoroughly with their innovation.

Now. That being said, if another app similar to the one I’m talking about exists and existed before this company, please feel free to elaborate. I’m merely speaking completely on my experience.

OK, so all you savvy business ladies and gents probably know about Square (I won’t go into this mind fucking boggling idea here, just click the link and have your earth shattered) and it’s awesomeness. A lot of us probably use Paypal quite a bit too, so most of us are familiar with non-traditional forms of payment. But Venmo. Now that’s a cool idea incorporating web payments and smart phones.

This website and app (iPhone and Android) allows the user to send and charge money over their phone to friends who use the program. Yeah? So?

Can you… can you imagine what this would do for splitting a bill at a restaurant or paying a friend for gas money? It’s small payments like this when we say “I’ll get you next time” that are easily remedied.

For example, this weekend a buddy and me went to a Grand Opening on South Broadway and decided to take a bus down there, however he didn’t have cash and I did, so I paid for our fares both ways. Now, we solved the payback dilemma by me paying less on our dinner bill, but we could have also solve it by him sending me $4.50 through Venmo. Am I the only one who gets their mind blown out of the water by this??

So many of us have one or 17 thumb drives. We keep them in our pockets, our purse or keychain. We throw stuff on them to transfer back and forth from computer to computer or when we’re gifting our friend some music. Thumb drives break and they get really dirty and they (mine at least) gross me out.

Enter Dropbox (dear god, thank you Levar for this intro). Sign up online. Download a desktop app and a mobile app. Voila! You’ve now got access to files in your Dropbox at anytime from any computer anywhere or your fucking phone! I can now take anything else on my laptop that’s NOT a Google doc and store it in my Dropbox as a sort of back up. Oh, and up to 2 GB is free. Woot!

Is it hot in here, or is it just this multi-platform software?

So, I know there are just a ton of great apps out there that are mind bogglingly amazing and if you know of one, I’d like to hear about it.

Then download and/or install it.

Then sit back, relax and have my mind blown right outta my face.


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