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It’s Not That I Don’t Want to Hang Out… September 11, 2012

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I promise. Really. I would love nothing more than to be out with all of my awesome friends all of the awesome fucking time drinking all the fucking booze. However, I’ve been developing some plans for the last several weeks and what it means is, well, I just can’t hang out doing things anymore.

First, I’M NOT PREGNANT. I have a little thingy in my arm that’s rendered me pretty much infertile for the next three years and, well, other physical acts have to take place in order for that to even be a remote possibility and those things aren’t happening. So. Yeah. Now you know too much about my dating life or lack thereof.

I digress. The reason I can’t do all of the fun things is because I’m saving up. Saving up for something very important. That will, I hope, change my life.

NO, I’M NOT ADOPTING A BABY. Come on guys. What’s with the baby questions? Sheesh.

Alright, enough. I’m only renewing my lease in Denver for six more months, then I’ll be moving in with one set of my parents (I should probably tell them, right?) right after I purchase a vintage camper. For the next several months, I’ll spend my time working, saving and refurbishing said camper.

Hopefully, by the middle of next summer, all of my plans will have worked out close to the way I hope and I will be setting off to drive around the country for a year (maybe more, who knows?) while still working from the road. My goal is to hit 48 states in 52 weeks. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


So why in the sweet fancy fuck am I doing something like this?

Because I need to. I said it out loud several weeks ago and every molecule of my body knew that this was the next big step in my life. I’m at a turning point in my life and I need to have a grand adventure at least once in my life.

But, no, really, a vintage camper? Driving? Kelly, do you even know how to drive anymore?
Yes, really, a vintage camper (canned ham style, to be exact) and, yes, I still drive, asshole. Just because I don’t own a car doesn’t mean I don’t drive from time to time. The reason I want to drive around the country is because I feel like we miss so much of the beauty in our country by hopping a plane from here to there.

Half a century (sheesh) ago, this is what families did. They piled into a camper and hit the road to see this great country and I want to see our beautiful country this way as well. It’s the great American adventure the way it once was.

I also have friends spread around the country that I would love to be able to see and reconnect with. What better way than to drive around saying hello to all the folks I love?

My final goal is to experience the culture and food in a lot of the cities that I’ve never made it to yet and to visit old favorites in the cities I have visited. You can be damned sure I’m spending a whole week in New Orleans because I’m going to eat everything they make there.

This is something that’s extremely important to me to accomplish, so, well, if I want to do this, then Happy Hours and 10-15 concerts a month just have to go. So, please know that if you don’t see me out as much as I normally am, it’s not that I don’t love you all so much. In fact, if it wasn’t for my friends, I wouldn’t be at this wonderful, adventurous part of my life. It’s just that I’m trying to save up for a dream.

BUT, here are things I’m MORE than happy to do with friends:

  • Have dinner, drinks games and snacks at homes. Mine or yours.
  • Go hiking!
  • Meander aimlessly around the city and talk about nothing in particular (it happens to be one of my favorite things to do already)
  • Watch a DVD or Netflix together

Thanks to you all for being the kind of people that helped shape me into the fucking kickass chick I am today!


12 Responses to “It’s Not That I Don’t Want to Hang Out…”

  1. I think it’s a HELL of an idea, and I wish you all the rewards that you hope to gain from it. I’m a little jealous, too. Just make sure you get that canned ham tricked out proper!

    • dulcedementia Says:

      Thanks, Ted! I kept putting it off until there was a “better time,” but I just realized that there will never be a perfect time and I need to just go for it.

  2. That’s pretty fucking adorable. Best of luck with the adventure!

  3. Dana Deason Says:

    You have created the awesomesauce goodness to go with the canned ham! This is fucking great and I wish you every bit of on the road good karma ju ju this fellow roadie can give.

  4. sissy Says:

    hey sugar….so I am in love with canned ham trailers and airstreams as a matter of fact and I will too one day own one that I love love love. I think that is a great plan and I can’t wait to read about said adventure in the near future. Cheers to dreams! ❤ sissy

  5. Andrea Hill Says:

    1. That camper is amazing
    2. Your plan is incredible
    3. We should play “Cards Against Humanity” sometime. I will supply snacks and wine! (do you drink wine?)

  6. The Amy Formerly Known as MLD Says:

    Would you mind if I invited myself to join you for a few days in New Orleans, and perhaps to ride with you as you drive from there to Mobile (or anywhere else on the Gulf Coast)? I’m an excellent tour guide. 🙂

  7. […] balance and it’s certainly not about achieving fiscal responsibility (I’m buying a camper and traveling around the country, remember? Not exactly “responsible.”). This is about me making a resolution to do something […]

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