Gum in My Hair

An embarrassingly honest blog

About February 1, 2009

We’ve all done it. Woken up with gum in our hair. Typically, you were between 5-12 when it happened, but it does happen to adults. Maybe you went out with some friends, had too much to drink and passed out with gum in your mouth. Maybe you were just at home watching a Law & Order marathon and fell asleep on your couch. Regardless, you woke up with gum in your hair and chances are you were alone when you discovered the gum. But it didn’t matter if you were alone or with friends, you were so embarrassed, you wanted to crawl out of your skin.

I have to deal with an inordinate amount of awkward moments and embarrassing situations because I tend not to think before I speak. I rarely say things out of spite or malice; I just don’t realize the tone of what I’m saying until about half a second after it comes out of my mouth. That’s what this blog is dedicated to: telling my awkward moment stories and demonstrating to you that I really have no filter, whether it be rants or situations.

You can identify with me or you can choose to laugh at me, rest assured, it will all be awkward for me.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Jason Says:

    This site should be about gum. Hubba-Bubba and Big League Chew and stuff.

    And remember Bonkers? Was that gum?

  2. Eric Fickes Says:

    Bonkers wasn’t gum, but it was chewy. Almost like a juice filled soft taffee. Big League Chew FTW!

  3. Nate Says:

    Great blog. Found the author on a Yelp about The Foundry in Boulder. I was hooked with the line, “I’m about a Mesozoic era too old to be seen here.” Hilarious.

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