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If Resolutions are for Suckers, Just Call Me a Tootsie Pop. December 31, 2012

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This isn’t going to be a post about working out more in 2013. This isn’t a post about eating healthier in 2013. It’s not about finding emotional balance and it’s certainly not about achieving fiscal responsibility (I’m buying a camper and traveling around the country, remember? Not exactly “responsible.”). This is about me making a resolution to do something that makes me happy.

You see, I think resolutions should be something that enriches our lives. It’s something that we may not necessarily need to do in order to keep having a healthy life; something small that we don’t consider important until we have it in our lives. Last year, I made the New Year’s resolution to see at least one concert a month all year, and with the exception of March (you know, when I went to Mexico for a week), I more than met my resolution. Just a few of the bands I got to see this year:

And SOOOOOOOO many more. Of course, my favorite local band is Bonnie and the Beard, who I discovered at the Underground Music Festival thanks to a buddy of mine. I’m in love with them. No seriously.  All of them.

The point of last year’s resolution was to force me to listen to more music and to listen to it live (obvi) because, well, I love music, but I had gotten in a bit of a musical rut and I wanted out, so what better than to see new music live? If a friend invited me to see a band play and it was under $10 and I was free, I went almost without question. Because of that, I expanded my knowledge of genres and artists and I expanded my mind, soul and heart.

And I totally achieved a goal.

This year, I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to get out of 2013 that was new to me and incorporated my interests. My little gears got going and I thought, “Well, I love street art (so much so that I got a tattoo of the Denver flag “spray painted” on my arm this year) and I love the city and I love the simple pleasures of discovering a new piece of art around a corner or down an alley.”

Plus, since I’m taking off to travel around the country this year, I have all these opportunities to discover the little things in every city, tucked into corners, sprayed on dumpsters and pasted to walls. So I decided that this year, my resolution is to pay attention to the little things.

Sort of.

street art, graffiti

Paying attention meant I found my skater name sprayed on a dumpster in Cap Hill!

I’m not going to make a resolution so grandiose as that. But I am going to resolve to see a moment every day.

This year, I’m going to post 365 days of street art. I’m going to take a photo of art every single day this year and hashtag it #streetart365 so that at the end of the year, I can go back and see them all at once and remember all of the little moments I took time to document in 2013.

Some days will probably be shit and others, I’ll probably have an abundance, but to make sure I’m always looking is the point and not necessarily the quality each day.

I’ve told a couple people and they’ve looked at me like I’m crazy, but fuck it. If I can remember to take an allergy pill every morning, I can certainly remember to take the time to find something new and unique every day.

So now I’m curious. What are you going to do this year to renew yourself? What are you going to do that lifts you up and expands your heart and mind?

If anyone of you says “lose 30 pounds” I will punch the weight right off you. I think a lot of us want that, but I think it’s easier to accomplish the physical goals when our hearts are happy and our minds are at peace.

Tell me that story, loveys. Tell me that story.


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